Roadblocking Protests for Cuba in Florida

OPD Chief Orlando Rolon allowed Cuban protestors to block the busy 436/Curry Ford Rd intersection at rush hour Tuesday evening for half an hour or so before clearing them off the road. Should he have allowed that? I have questions. Its a fresh topic we need to lead with at 6...with the OC mask vote to follow.

Inflation is starting run wild at levels we haven't seen in many years. The consumer price index for June jumped 5.4% over a year ago. Big trouble for Biden and the Dems if they don't get this under control, which I don't think they can.

 Gov. DeSantis showed up at an Orlando school today, touting his civics curriculum...and made a surprising announcement that any teacher is eligible for a $3,000 bonus if they  earn a civics teaching certificate. I'm already reading criticism that he's bribing teachers and trying to buy teachers votes. I don't think that's valid, but maybe you and some listeners do. To me it's just offering an economic incentive to get more teachers to buy into teaching something that's good for our kids and our future.

President Biden made a big voting rights speech in Philadelphia today. We'll hear him play the race card...railing on Republican states passing voter legislation he calls "Jim Crow 2.0" I still don't see where any of these measures discriminate against people of color. Maybe someone can explain it to me.

We'll also update the Texas Democrats who fled the state legislative session for DC to try and stop passage of voting measures they say are designed to suppress the minority vote. Governor Abbott's threatening to arrest them when they come back.

U.S. News and World Report just came out with it's list of the 150 best cities to live. Boulder CO is #1...Orlando's #60. BAMC talk on whether we got a fair shake or not, and whether there's someplace else you'd rather live.

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