Bud is Back! Biden's Crime Plan - Cuba wants US Help!

We'll focus on the massive protests in Communist Cuba, with protests in Florida as well and what the U.S. should or should not do in response. Solutions I've seen range from military intervention (Miami's mayor) to essentially nothing. (Biden). The White House has at least backed off their initial absurd claim that COVID was driving the protests. Cuba is blaming the U.S. and tough Trump sanctions for their economic woes.




 Late today Orange County mayor Demings and health director Pino sounded the alarm about the rapidly rising number of COVID cases...almost 100% of them among the unvaccinated. Pino says we're headed for a serious crisis unless these people get the shots.. Demings is recommending those VACCINATED wear masks again in crowded places. We'll discuss and sample listener opinion.



President Biden's got a 38% approval rating on crime, and held a White House meeting this afternoon with some big city leaders. We'll hear him again blame too many guns for the problem, but offer no real solutions other than to take excess COVID relief $ and hire more police. . And we'll contrast Biden with DeSantis pitch tougher law enforcement and make a pitch for cops across the country to move to Florida where they'll be more respected and supported....and we'll discuss who's got it right.



Trump's rousing speech to close CPAC in Texas on Sunday. We'll play a few cuts and have the CPAC straw poll results which show what a strangle hold he still has among his base. Trump clobbers everyone, including DeSantis if he runs in 2024. DeSantis wins the poll when Trump's not in the race. Also, literature was handed out at CPAC describing how Trump can actually be reinstated. There's a link below. It's pretty wild!



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