Bill Cosby gets Released on a Technicality

What a shocker! Bill Cosby set free on a legal technicality. I'm seeing legal experts supporting the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's decision...that it upholds the integrity of our criminal justice system...BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! I'm angry about this...a jury found Cosby guilty and nothing that happened today changes that. What are his victims supposed to think? Will this discourage other victims of sexual predators from coming forward and telling their stories?! Let's talk about it.

I'll hopscotch through some of the most important measures that became law on Thursday...with a particular focus on DeSantis finally signing a police reform bill. Will this further hamstring the cops...or is it needed?

Here Are The New Florida Laws That Will Take Effect July 1 | WUSF Public Media

Gov. DeSantis signs bill to prevent excessive use of force by police officers (

We'll hear from Trump on his border trip...ripping Biden for the crisis there. On another Trump matter, it is reported that DeSantis' people are trying to get Trump to postpone this Saturday's Trump rally in Sarasota...out of respect for the ongoing search and rescue mission at the site of the collapsed condo. Should Trump do ahead with the rally...and is this the first outward sign we've seen of a Trump/DeSantis rift...destined to grow as DeSantis becomes a potential Trump rival for the 2024 presidential nomination?

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