Gwen Berry Olympic Protest - the search continues in Surfside, FL

The furor over U.S. athlete Gwen Berry turning her back on the American flag as the National Anthem was playing at the Olympic trials. As usual...reaction cuts along party lines...many Republicans want her banned from competing in the Olympics...the Biden White House defends her freedom to express herself in this way.

Google is rolling out a new feature that will warn us when websites we're about to click on may have unreliable information or be fake news. It bothers me that Google gets the call on what they deem to be unreliable or fake. And knowing the liberal bias of a lot of their Silicon Valley decision makers from Zuckerberg on down....I think all conservatives should be worried, too.

We'll begin the segment with whatever's fresh on the condo collapse....and then focus on whether the Biden administration is using this catastrophe to push their agendas on climate change and infrastructure. I have some sound cuts to play from Biden's Energy Secretary who was doing just that today in CNN.

Vogue magazine has a history of doing cover stories on First Ladies. Michele Obama got three, Jill Biden's on the latest Vogue cover....but Melania Trump never got a Vogue cover. Why?

Many companies....including ours, I think...are struggling to strike the best balance between letting people continue to work from home and calling them back into the office. A lot of workers like being able to do their jobs from home...while a lot of executives want them back in the office where they can have better control over them. But, we're seeing a lot of workers quit if they are forced to give up working from home....and forcing the issue on returning to the office could wind up costing companies a lot of their valued employees. We'll debate it and ask our listeners what they think.

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