Val Demings vs Marco Rubio - who would win this contest?

We'll focus on the Rubio-Demings U.S. Senate some cuts from videos they both put out Wednesday....discuss their strengths and weaknesses and predict who'll win.  Some of our listeners won't be happy to have me say it...but this will be no cake walk for Rubio. I give him the edge....but he could lose, which would be a disaster for the GOP.

A new study shows Florida is #2 among all 50 states on its degree of recovery from the pandemic...and far and away the best performing state. Kudos to Gov Desantis and his fellow freedom loving Floridians!

Results of a new poll on whether all likely voters.....and then just Republican voters....prefer a GOP that's more like Trump...or more like Pence. Very interesting results:

In a segment that should torch the text line and even the phones.....we hear Dr Fauci defend himself against his critics who mock him and want him fired. Then...we'll discuss where we and our listeners stand on Fauci. In another stance that will anger many listeners...I just don't buy into the dark view of Fauci as an incompetent liar who deserves to be fired. I think he was dealing with a new and vicious virus and it took time to get a handle on how best to deal with his advice on things like masks evolved as we learned more.  I DO think, though, that he's way over exposed...and has frequently been pontificating on things beyond his area of expertise as an infectious disease expert.

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