Trump wants DeSantis as running mate for 2024 - Good Idea or not?

Speaking to FOX Business, Trump again sounds very positive about running for President again and having DeSantis as his running mate .

Let me explain why a Trump/DeSantis ticket would be a bad for DeSantis, and what his smartest path to the White House would be. In my opinion, it's sitting out '24 if Trump runs, and running for Prez in '28. DeSantis is too strong to be anybody's #2, and I think he'd be the #2 on a losing ticket if it's Trump/DeSantis in '24.,.would tarnish him politically. That'll make some folks mad...but that's what I believe. What do you and our listeners think?

Bipartisan Senate report on the January 6th Capitol riot concludes there were major shortcomings on the part of Capitol police...and multiple failures for various agencies to communicate with other and share information. The left is going nuts because the report doesn't blame Trump...and doesn't use the word "insurrection".

Looney Left File - We'll hear Mara Gay from the NY Times editorial board saying how disturbing it was driving on a Long Island NY highway and seeing all the American flags on pro-Trump cars and trucks. Old Glory, disturbing?! Only a lefty could feel that way! Triggered!

Let's see if anyone can explain the inexplicable. 2 entries:

*Biden completely ignores D-Day....never mentioned it in any way.

*Harris, as we'll hear, has a major cringe moment with Lester Holt....lying and laughing when she's asked whether she has any plans to visit the southern border.

Kamala Harris' Central American trip. What happened? Was anything accomplished, etc. - BAM

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