Is Mike Pence Gunning for a RUN at 2024?

I woke up to the news that Mike Pence spoke last night at a Republican dinner in New Hampshire. The big news is him saying he and Trump have spoken many times since the Capitol riot and will probably never see eye to eye on what happened that day....but he defended what Trump's presidency did for this country. He also ripped into Biden and his liberal agenda. We'll play a couple of cuts and talk about where Pence stands with Republicans and whether he might be setting up a run for the White House in 2024 (He was speaking in New Hampshire...the first primary state). Could he win...or is he so hated by Trump's base that he'd never be able to win the GOP primary...much less the presidency.

Is the Gov anti-gay? He's being accused of being anti-gay for vetoing funding for mental health counseling for PULSE nightclub massacre survivors. on the heels of signing the transgender sports ban into law.

Mediation on the cruise line lawsuit reached an impasse today, but DeSantis is still defending his position that no vaccines should be required of passengers.

DeSantis rips Nikki Fried as she joins the race for Governor. 

A Florida man from Tampa has just pleaded guilty for his role in the January 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol. He just got swept up in all the pro-Trump excitement, wound up along the crowd in the U.S. Senate.... He caused no damage and was not violent. It is expected he will be sentenced to between 1 year/3 months and 1 year/9 months in prison, and that his sentence may set the standard for hundreds of cases to follow.

The question: is such a sentence fair...or not?

A little Friday fun as we look at a new survey on what board games cause the most arguments and lead to being banned most often by friends and families. Hint: you know the game well...and it is the runaway winner for most banned board game!

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