Compassion and Restraint used in Shootout with Juveniles

We'll try to cover all aspects of the Volusia County deputies shootout with the 2 kids.

The Biden file:  2 entries

*We're back on 25th Amendment watch as Biden looks back on the start of his presidency "`15 months ago". Sure...Joe's fine.. nothing to see here!

*Biden's full court press to get everyone vaccinated...includes a deal with Budweiser for free beer ! Will any or all of these incentives work or not?

We'll play sound from a video destined to go viral...a young black dad with his precious little daughter by his he rips into critical race theory and explains how his daughter and anyone of color can make it on their own without playing the race card all the time. Check this out:

Another Trump update from Rory. This time trump's ditching his newly created blog. Why? And.. now what for the former president? - BAM

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