DeSantis signs controversial Transgendered HS Athlete Ban!

DeSantis signs transgender sports ban...gets ripped for doing it on first day of LGBTQ pride month. Legitimate criticism or not? Is this about discrimination against a minority...or is this about fairness to female athletes? We'll hear from the Governor and talk it over.


We'll debate a Florida concert promoter's controversial decision aimed at making sure only vaccinated fans attend a punk rock concert in late June. If you're vaccinated, your ticket costs $18. If you're not vaccinated your ticket costs $1,000. Should a private business be able to do this or not?

As it stands now, starting July 1st in Florida' drivers will be able to legally turn on their Hazard flashers while driving in heavy rain. This measure was tucked into a bill passed by the Florida legislature. The question: should DeSantis veto this bill...or not. Here's a piece that looks at arguments on both sides.

Rory O'Neill joins us on a NY Times report that Trump's telling people he expects to be reinstated as President around August. BAM on the interview,. Here's a background piece.

We give listeners a chance to say whether they think Trump's about to be reinstated. Personally, I don't think there's any way this could happen or any way it should happen...but what do I know?!

Alan and I get some much needed support from a new poll of frequent cruisers! 80% of them would prefer a cruise where all passengers are vaccinated against COVID.  Meanwhile, the Foxx suggests that the Cruise Industry follow the idea of the Punk Rock Concert Promoter, charging the DeSantis $5K fee to nonvaccinated cruisers.

As expected, Nikki Fried has announced she's running for FL Governor. We'll discuss her chances...first against Crist and perhaps others, in the Democrat primary.. and then against the man I think she genuinely

despises.. DeSantis. Does Fried stand for anything except being against anything DeSantis is for? I think she's a loser...but what do you think?

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