Ted Cruz says Military is Going Soft under Biden

Is our military under Biden going soft? That's the question in the wake of Memorial Day, and as critics, including Sen. Ted Cruz rip the U.S. Army for its new recruiting ads. The series of ads, done as cartoons, totally de-emphasize military preparedness and traditional battle scenes to tell personal stories of kids with non-traditional upbringings who find their place and their purpose the Army. Blowback against the news has been so bad the Army has deleted the comment section on its recruiting website! We'll contrast one of these ads with a Russian army recruiting ad, and we'll hear Biden's Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin claim our military's "not too soft and will never be soft". Critics say he's promoting diversity and inclusion over everything else when it comes to military personnel, and that's how it looks to me. How about you?




Media coverage of Tulsa race riot 100th anniversary. Over the weekend I was aware of at least 4 one to two hour TV specials on the Memorial Day 1921 Tulsa, Oklahoma race riot and massacre, which occurred 100 years ago. Yes, it's a horrible event in American history and over the years, probably hasn't received the attention it warrants. That said, I'm going to raise this question: in this time of such racial tension, what purpose does all this coverage serve other than to make a whole lot of black people feel badly about white people ..who had absolutely nothing to do with this event?


This is our first chance to talk about Biden's humongous $6 trillion dollar budget proposal that came out Friday. Looks like deficit spending and fiscal responsibility don't matter to this administration. To me this is dangerous, indefensible and shows how the President is now totally under the control of the left wing of the Democrat party, as I predicted he would be. 


Lots of talk lately about the origins of the pandemic.. and now comes a new study that claims proof that the Chinese Communists created COVID 19 in a lab. Here's the link to the story in the NY Post. If this is true, what's to prevent the Chi-Coms from throwing the world in turmoil any time it might suit their interests...and how are we ever going to be able to stop them?!


Here's a video of Lebron James ripping into Orlando on HBO's "The Shop: Uninterrupted" show, saying how much he hated his time here during the NBA bubble and that he would refuse to play for the Magic if he ever got traded to Orlando. We'll have a little semi-light hearted BAMC talk about this.


New info on the ongoing feud between DeSantis, the cruise lines and the CDC about requiring vaccines for cruise ship passengers. I'm still in favor of a carve out for the cruise industry because the environment on a cruise ship makes everyone more vulnerable to transmitting disease than just about anyplace else. I think DeSantis is too dug in on this. What do you think?



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