Is it time to gather with strangers?

We'll discuss America's first "post-pandemic" event, as baseball's Texas Rangers allow 40,000 fans to fill their stadium for Monday's season opener. Is this bold move really cool or really risky move? Would you go if I gave you a ticket? Are there events in Central Florida you think should now be fully opened up? We'll also touch on Texas Governor Abbott refusing to throw out the first ball in protest over the all Star Game being pulled out of Georgia because of the new election law.

The Budman's Believe It Or Not File: 2 items

A plea deal means the two (AA) teenaged girls in Washington D.C. who tased, carjacked and ultimately caused the death of their Uber Eats driver will never serve any prison time.

* As Florida's anti-riot bill is taking shape in Tallahassee, there is concern that if it becomes law, it will cost too much...requiring more prison space, and costing those who get convicted opportunities in their lives. (WTF?!) Check this out:

A Disney guest has been jailed for refusing to take the mandatory temperature check and then sneaking into Disney Springs where he was arrested. He says it shouldn't have happened to a guy who spent  $15,000 on a Disney family vacation. Should he have been jailed or not?

Washington Watch - 2 items on the Democrats

*VP Kamala Harris is in L.A. today, 2 hours from the border, but has no plans to visit there. Why does she continue to avoid the border when Biden's charged her with dealing with the crisis?

*Democrat Senator Joe Manchin says he will not support the 28% corporate tax rate Biden wants to pay for his $2 trillion dollar infrastructure scheme. With a 50-50 Senate that would kill the bill as currently written. I see Biden's grand pork laden plans being scaled back.!/us-corporate-tax-rate-hike-to-28-dies-before-it-even-gets-a-look-20210405

The Georgia election law lies and hypocrisy - Lots to discuss:

*We'll hear Chris Christie accuse Biden of lying to divide Americans by race

*Marco Rubio's written to MLB Commissioner Manfred asking if he will drop his Augusta National Country Club membership over the election law.

*Texas Governor Gregg Abbott refuses to throw out the first ball in protest over baseball pulling the All star Game out of Georgia.

#Gaetzgate- the latest on the Matt Gaetz soap opera:

*Gaetz writes a fiery op-ed defending himself and ripping into his enemies

*Trump remains silent about Gaetz, his most loyal and vocal supporter. What Trump do...if anything?

*Washington Post reports Gaetz used to show off photos of nude women from parties with Joel Greenberg

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