Biden's American Jobs Plan Trojan Horse

President Biden just unveiled his $2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan. We'll look at what's in this massive budget buster and federal power grab an debate whether this is the way America should go, whether we can afford it, whether hiking corporate taxes will crush businesses struggling to recover from the pandemic, etc.

Looney Left File - 3 items

*3 BLM rioters in L.A. will face no charges!?

*AOC says don't say border "SURGE" or you're a racist!

*So called woke sports where athletes protest social issues aren't playing well with millions of fans. Ratings are DOWN!

Trump just gave his first on camera interview since leaving the White House, only to have it immediately censored by Facebook! We'll play a sound cut on Trump running for President in 2024,and debate whether its time for social media to stop censoring Trump. Even Bernie Sanders says he doesn't like what the big tech gurus have done to Trump's right to be seen and heard.

The Desantis File :  2 items

*Desantis calls for $1000 bonuses for school teachers and principals, to be paid for with COVID relief funds. Good idea or bad idea?

*Desantis to get his COVID vaccine. Will this prompt more Republicans,,, men especially, to join him and help us toward herd immunity?

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