National Id Vaccine Cards? DeSantis says No Way Jose!

My main takeaway from today's opening arguments in the Derek Chauvin trial is as follows. The prosecution played the entire video of officer Chauvin with his knee on George Floyd's neck, with the sound of Floyd saying he couldn't breathe and bystanders telling the police to ease up. It was powerful, but I predict the defense's contention that Floyd resisted police commands, was drunk and on drugs, and that officer Chauvin was using permissible policing techniques will create reasonable doubt. That in turn will produce an acquittal, which in turn will trigger riots across the country. Am I jumping the gun here? How do you see and our listeners see this trial going down and what will be the reaction to the jury's verdict?

A new poll on Trump's presidency has just been released, showing a lot of Americans think he was a great president and lot think he was terrible. No surprise there's a huge divide along party lines. Check out the Pew Center findings and we'll talk about it and take calls and texts.

The newly constructed variable toll "Lexus Lanes" lanes along I-4 through Orlando are now expected to have much lower tolls than earlier predicted. Remember when we were told to expect peak tolls of more than 14 bucks to drive the 21 miles from 434 in Longwood to Kirkman down by I-Drive? The latest prediction from FDOT...about $3.50, max ! We'll ask folks who rely on I-4 to react to those rates and let us know whether they expect to opt for the toll lanes...or ride toll free on the other lanes. Good piece here...give it a read:

COVID - huge contrast between President Biden and Governor Desantis on a couple of key issues: Today, Biden said he's working on a national plan for vaccine passports, and also wants all states to institute or reinstitute mask mandates. Desantis remains opposed to mask mandates and said today he will issue an executive order banning vaccine passports in Florida, and expects the legislation to make that ban permanent. We'll discuss who's got it right...the Prez or the Gov.

Desantis: No vaccine passports in Florida!

Biden: Developing national vaccine passport plans

Trust issues with Vaccine Passport APP

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