Teacher gets Fired over Medical Marijuana Usage!

We're Politics Free right off the top, and again at 8, with a mind blowing Central Florida story Melissa brought to my attention that we'll spotlight before it goes viral. 


Budman's Believe It Or Not File

*Florida mom with boxing glove super glued to her hand, shows up at school and helps her daughter pummel another student!


*Bill Clinton, accused of sexual harassment and abuse ranging up to rape, and who lied about having sex with an intern in the White House, is hosting a conference on empowering women! It'll be at a black college and he's managed to snooker VP Kamala Harris into joining him! How did she ever agree to this?


We'll have the latest on Biden's border crisis...which today, be basically dished off to VP Harris to deal with. In addition, the White House is about to show us some video they took and edited from inside a migrant holding facility. Also, I have a new poll showing declining support for letting illegals become U.S. citizens



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