Biden wants a Nat'l Mask Mandate - Fox Cuts Off Kayleigh

It's a dark new day at FOX News. They promoted a Trump legal action news conference coming up. About 4:45 pm, Neil Cavuto joined press secretary Kayleigh McEnany late....then, a very short time later when Kayleigh was charging the Democrats with promoting voting fraud without yet providing specifics, they dumped out, with Cavuto saying they couldn't justify putting her comments on the air without  her providing evidence. He said they'd monitor the press conference and go back to it if she said something of substance...but they never did go back. FOX just censored Trump's press secretary! This is an outrage...and we'll play the about this....and the latest Trump campaign plans to investigate and prove voting fraud.

Biden lays out his CV plan, and advocates a national mask mandate, hoping to get state governors to mandate masks. That'll never fly with Desantis. We'll talk about it, and ask listeners whether they'll wear masks...or wear them try and tamp down the surging virus

GUEST: Dr. David Klein explains the Pfizer CV it works....the two stage vaccination...and gives us his take on how well this will work...who gets the vaccine first....whether this can end the pandemic, and if so, how soon that might happen. We have to confine this interview to one segment that ends on time so we can have time for us to react and listeners to comment on how they feel about the Pfizer news and whether they'll take the vaccine as soon as it's offered to them.

GUEST: Accu-Weather meteorologist on Eta's latest track and expected impacts on CFL through the rest of the week.

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