"Elsewhere" With Alan Spector 5-19-20

Here are Alan's "Elsewhere" stories from 5-19-20!

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How does this sound--free beer just for filing your taxes?


Graduating seniors have had a tough go during the pandemic.


Farewell to a legendary TV sitcom character. From 1957 to 1963, Ken Osmond played the role of the two-faced teenage scoundrel, Eddie Haskell, on "Leave it to Beaver."


Launch Party For "Gilligan's Island: The Complete First Season" DVD

Launch Party For "Gilligan's Island: The Complete First Season" DVD

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Somebody's paying big bucks for an autographed pair of sneakers from Michael Jordan's rookie year.


Imagine bumper boats on dry land.


And, finally, a 20-year-old is facing theft charges after he and his friend allegedly held up a Virginia convenience store while wearing unique disguises.


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