SOTU Trump is a Better Trump

Looking at many of the polls reflecting people’s thoughts of Trump’s State of the Union Address it seems he is mostly getting a positive response, which is no surprise to me because that was Trump at his best. Before the speech Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said it would be an uplifting speech that would highlight American greatness. Trump did just that, talking about greatness from our past, our present, and the potential for greatness in our future.

This does not mean Trump shied away from being bold at times. He pushed his agenda on immigration, the economy, and getting out of foreign wars. He also plainly stated that American will never be like Venezuela and will never go down the road of socialism. The difference this time was he didn’t do it in a petty way. There was no name calling like Trump is keen to do on Twitter.

Many Trump supporters I talk to think Trump is at his best when blasts people on Twitter, rambles on during press conferences, or gets the crowds fired up at his rallies. While I admit that stuff works for some of the base, many Americans are just turned off by it. They expect a President who rises above a lot of the stuff. Last night’s speech was a great example on how to do that.

I’m not saying I don’t want Trump to fight. Trump did not back away from the fight last night. He talked about how his policies are helping the economy, how we need better border security, and how we should protect the most vulnerable by banning late term abortions. These are important things that need to be fought for boldly and often. They just need to be fought in a way that focuses on the issues themselves and not in a personal vindictive way. That’s how you fight boldly and that’s what Trump did during his speech.

On a side note I have to admit it’s shocking that a lot of Trump’s positions are so controversial. There was a time that wanting better border security, a strong free market economy, a ban on late term abortions, a strong military, and speaking against socialism were not controversial. We should at least be able to find reasonable compromise on these issues.

I also appreciated Trump inviting guests that mostly lifted up the greatness of America. Most of them got a loud applause from both sides of the isle and they deserved it. I think this helps give us perspective on what really makes America great. The greatness comes from everyday citizens who rise above and do extraordinary things.

I’m not naïve about politics. No matter what Trump does the Democrats will find a way to blast him.The nature of politics is inherently divisive. But that doesn’t mean we should sink to new lows to win. Unfortunately both sides have been doing that in the past couple of years.

The one thing that constantly went through my mind last night was imagining a Trump that was like that more often. Imagine if Trump was like that all the time. His approval ratings would be much higher. Trump could learn a lot from Reagan, who fought boldly but positively and optimistically. If Trump would just learn to control his language a little bit he would be a better Trump. State of the Union Trump is a better Trump.



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