People Scouts?


So what do we call the Boy Scouts now? It was announced this week that the Boy Scouts would be accepting girls into their organization starting with the Cub Scouts and eventually leading all the way to the Eagle Scouts. As a talk radio host who takes phone calls from people in the community I can tell you one thing. People are really not happy with the decision! Many even saying they will not allow their kids to ever join or go back! 

Most people I talk to believe the main reason the BSA decided to do this is because they are caving to political correctness. They think the Scouts are buying into the narrative that boys and girls should be treated equal in everything AND that this will open the door to allow transgenders to join. The Boy Scouts counter that argument by saying they just want to expand opportunities for girls in this country. The Girls Scouts are also not happy and say the BSA is just trying to find more opportunities for more recruitment to counteract their declining membership nationwide. It’s been quite a debate on all sides. 

I personally don’t like the decision because I believe there is value in having young boys being a part of something that is separate from girls. It can teach them values that will help them grow into strong and secure men. Also the separation is important because believe it or not boy and girls are DIFFERENT. They not only have different physical properties but they also think differently in many ways. 

Now before you call me a bigot just know that I’m not just pulling this out of thin air. There was a recent study published in Nature Human Behavior that showed women’s and men’s brains react differently when they participate in things like giving money or interacting with people in social settings. The study found that women’s brains show a greater response when sharing money than men, and the co-author of the study said “women put more subjective value on pro-social behavior and men find selfish behavior more valuable." Yes men tend to be less altruistic and cheaper than women. Shocker. This is just one of many examples on how women and men think and act differently in society.

All this being said, I really don’t think this is why people are outraged at this decision by the Boy Scouts. The BSA has been around for a long time and it is a valued tradition that is passed down through a lot of families. Now they feel their long held tradition is being undermined. This is really why people are upset. It seems like every day we wake up to another valued and loved tradition being undermined and attacked and frankly people are just sick of it. Even if it doesn’t affect them personally people still feel the need to fight back. Whether it’s the national anthem, confederate statues, praying before a school sports game, or the Constitution itself, people feel like their values are under attack. 

While societies always change and evolve over time, there are traditions that act as a firm foundations for the country. The foundations are rumbling and the culture wars will continue as a result.




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