Thankful During Hurricanes

It has been a week since Hurricane Irma hit Central Florida and it seems things here are close to getting back to normal. While Central Florida did have some damage, we were blessed for not being hit as hard as South Florida and the Bahamas. 

Since the hurricane and the aftermath I’ve notice there are two ways that most people react. The first is to complain, whine, grumble, and get angry at things out of your control. Unfortunately I have seen this A LOT! Irma left over 60% of the state without power and much of that was in Central Florida. Anyone who lives in this state knows that not having power can be absolutely miserable because it is FREKIN HOT! It has taken longer to restore power than some might have expected and hot sweaty people with no TV and internet can make a bad situation worse. I’ve never seen so many people who are all of a sudden experts on how to restore power and how we are being screwed by the energy companies. Most people just expect the outlets in their home to work on a daily basis without putting too much thought into how it all actually works. We take so much for granted. I have to admit even I complained a little when the McDonald's near me had a limited menu that didn’t include Iced Coffee. Who can live like this?!

This brings us to the second way people react. Many react with THANKFULNESS. Wait, how can people be thankful in a time where there is no power, trees are down, roads are blocked, roofs are missing shingles, and McDonald's isn’t selling Frappes? Because they realize how much we are blessed with in this country on a daily basis. We live in a country now where most of us have hot running water, air conditioning, 24-7 entertainment, an abundance of fresh foods, and the ability to contact anyone in the world in an instant. When a hurricane hits it can temporarily suspend some of those luxuries, but we only notice the inconvenience so much because we are blessed with so much. 

If you just look at this country a hundred years ago you will see most people had no power, no television, no cell phone, no air conditioning, no supermarkets, no McDonalds, no indoor plumbing, and yes no electric water heaters. You don’t even have to look at the past to see how blessed we are though. In the world today there are still 1.5 billion people how don’t have access to electricity. You can’t even imagine life without it yet many do live without it on a daily basis. 

We also live in a country where those who are devastated by storms aren’t left behind. In Florida the federal, state and local governments worked around the clock to prepare for the storm and help with the clean up. Millions of everyday Americans also helped by giving to charities, the Red Cross and Salvation Army were on site, and businesses made sure to restock their ice and water for people in need. There are many other places in the world where you would have been left on your own. 

Hurricanes and their aftermath can definitely be a pain, but just remember why they are such a pain. We notice when we are inconvenienced like this because we live in a blessed country with lots of everyday conveniences. Take a moment today while you sit in your air conditioning, watching TV, posting on Facebook, and eating your Big Mac to step back and realize how much you have, and be THANKFUL.  


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