Is Politics Now Just a Sport?


Is politics really just becoming a team sport, where two sides do whatever it takes to win no matter the truth? I hesitate even comparing it to sports because at least after a sports game the fans of both teams can still live civilly with on another (although Philadelphia Eagles fans make this difficult at times). This seems to be the reality of today’s political world.

What got me thinking about this is watching and listening to news commentary the weekend after the Trumpcare failure. All the talk was about who to blame, what strategies were wrong, and how will this effect the parties. I felt like I was watching Sportscenter after a major upset in a Sunday football game. Is politics just a game? I half expect Congress to stand on opposite sides of the Capitol and shout “We have spirit yes we do, we have spirit how about you?!”

It was even worse when I started reading opinions on social media. ALL the talk was about defending your side, or your guy. The Trump supporters were out in full force trying to absolve Trump from all blame. “It’s not Trump’s fault!” or “Paul Ryan and Congress failed Trump” or “the Freedom Caucus failed Trump”. Then of course the conservatives blamed Trump, and the never Trumpers said a bunch of I told you so’s. You’re either on Team Trump or you’re not! Is it possible that the bill failed just because it’s was a bad bill?

I saw Sean Hannity and others come out and literally say that Congress failed Trump by not getting this passed. Failed Trump? How about the American people? For one it's baffling to me that you can absolve the Trump from all blame even though he pushed this bill, but who cares?! I don't care if it failed Trump, I just want to know if the bill was good for the country! 

We also can’t forget about the Democrats and the left in all of this. They used this as proof that Trump’s presidency is a failure, the Republican Party is a mess, and we should really go to Medicaid for all. The Democrats feel like the ball is in their court and maybe they can take the lead. See how perfect a sports analogy worked there?

Don’t get me wrong, it is very easy to get caught up in the sport of it all. In our world of entertainment news media, which I work for, controversy makes good content, and loyalty to your side also means loyalty to your show, but it’s getting to the point where we want our side to win even if the truth loses! While sports can be fun, I just wonder how all of this plays with the average American at times. While we play the blame game, people are hurting.

If you ever read my stuff or listen to me you know I’m very passionate about the topic of American healthcare. You know why? It’s not because I just want my side to win. It’s because I know many people who have been personally effected in a very negative way. I talk to young people who can’t find full time work, young couples who can’t afford their premiums, and doctors who are frustrated with the mess created by Obamacare. I also really care about the future of my country and fear the rise of socialism. This means I want to support a bill that actually works! One that actually addresses the real problems in the healthcare system.

I love sports just as much as the next guy, but when it comes to politics I will back good POLICY over my “team”.


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