The Side That REALLY Insults Women


Any time I bring up a topic that surrounds so called “women’s issues” I am always fascinated by the response I get. If I talk about how I am against abortion, how the gender pay gap is mostly a myth, why Hillary Clinton would have been a horrible President, or how men and women are different and bring unique blessings to society based on their sex and gender, I get a lot of support from WOMEN. Often I get MORE support from women than men. This seems to go against the pop culture narrative.

When these issues come up the left usually tries to craft them based on it being “women’s rights issues.” Abortion is about “a woman’s right to choose”, a woman running for President is about breaking through the glass ceiling, the pay gap is about women no longer being subjugated in a world mostly controlled by men, and it goes on and on.

The left does a good job of creating this perception though. The women’s march in DC made it seem like women in this country were finally standing up for their rights. There were signs everywhere that talked about the pay gap, abortion, and hatred for Trump. Is this a reflection of the country as a whole? Of all women? Of course NOT! It ignores the millions of women across this country who thought the march was silly, and it also ignores the millions of women who march every year against abortion.

The reason they do this is of course for politics. For years Democrats have been trying to bundle up women into a single voting block that think alike. This is obviously not the case! And frankly it’s insulting to women. You think if the left really cared about women they would look at women as individuals who have different lifestyles, beliefs, moral standards, and priorities.

When looking at the stats it becomes increasingly obvious that women are pretty split on most of these issues.

According to a 2014 YouGov poll 42% of women believe that one of the reasons the pay gap exists because women and men make different choices about balancing work and family. 58% of women believe it is because women and men work different jobs. In that same poll only 38% of women believe the government should enact more laws to get rid of the pay gap.

According to a 2016 Pew poll on abortion it does show that 57% of women believe abortion should be legal while 40% think it should be illegal. What’s amazing though is it’s almost the SAME stats for men. 57% of men believe abortion should be legal and 39% think it should be illegal. That says that more women are against abortion than men. This tells me that this is not a women’s issue. Also 40% of women is still a LOT of women when you look at the country as a whole. (Note: when you look more into the poll that 57% number is for MOST cases, but not ALL cases).

According to Washington Post exit polling Hillary Clinton received 54% of the women vote. While that is a majority, it is LESS than the amount of women that voted for Obama (Obama received 56% of the woman vote). It is also still pretty split when you compare it to other demographics like age, sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs, etc. The election was a lot closer too when you look at women who were married. 49% of married women voted for Hillary and 47% voted for Trump. The argument could be made that a lot of those women who voted against Trump did so based more on ideology, age, race, income, and religious beliefs than the sex of the candidate.

The pop culture narrative continues to try and convince us that our country still “persecutes” women in many ways. If that is the case do you honestly believe that almost half the women in this country would feel that is not true? Are they suffering from some kind of country wide Stockholm syndrome? Once again, that would be insulting to women.

Just because the right believes that men and women are naturally different doesn’t mean they hate women. Just because they don’t want the government to enact more laws for so called equal pay doesn’t mean they hate women. Just because they are against killing babies in the womb doesn’t mean they are against women. Just because they didn’t vote for a woman President doesn’t mean they are against women. Don’t believe in the lie!

It is amazing to me that the left tries to paint the right as the side that looks down upon women. It is the left that looks down upon them by not treating them as unique individuals, but instead lumps them together like they all share a brain. How insulting!



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