The Voice of Reason on Trump's Speech


There are a lot of different opinions on Trump’s speech out there already, but I know you want the reaction from your voice of reason! So here it is!

President Trump showed last night that he has it in him to be Presidential. This is a major problem for the Democrats because their strategy right now is to attack Trump for being crazy, unhinged, out of touch, divisive, and the opposite of Presidential. Trump proved to them that he can take a different tone, that he can reach out to the other side, and that he can in fact look like a decent President. If the Democrats continue to attack Trump in the same way it will not work because it will just make them seem bitter, partisan, and not concerned with the welfare of the country.

Taking that in consideration though, there were some good things and bad things from the speech.

Good: Honoring the family of the fallen vet. Calling on Congress to repeal Obamacare, including letting insurers sell across state lines. Supporting school choice. Securing the border and showing the damage of too much illegal immigration. Much needed tax reform. Strongly supporting law enforcement. Calling the enemy radical Islam. I also liked he tried to be optimistic for the future.

Bad: Whether you like it or not conservatism is not really a part of the message right now. His "America first" approach sounds good and will be popular, but his solutions are less about limiting the size and role of government and more about using and expanding government to "rebuild America" through infrastructure spending, government task forces, tariffs, etc. Nationalism is the message right now, not individual liberty and the Constitution. He also seemed to imply he will keep the Medicaid expansion and other parts of Obamacare, which is worrisome.

The issue for Trump now is going to be translating these promises into actual legislation. This could be a problem for him as someone who has never had to deal with negotiating with Congress. Trump’s approach has always been to make really bold proposals in public while making compromise “deals” behind the scenes. There is already talk of him being more lenient on illegal immigrants, Obamacare, and other government programs. We’ll see if he can use this approach to get stuff passed. He does need to be careful on how much he is willing to compromise on because he doesn’t want to become another politician who promises one thing and does another.

If you learn anything from last night’s address it should be to not underestimate Donald Trump. Whether the Democrats like it or not, his message of putting America and Americans first will resonate with the people of this country.


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