The Left Loses All Credibility


So I never thought I would say these words. Piers Morgan is being a voice of reason. Yes it is a crazy world when I’m watching a television show and I say to myself “Piers Morgan is right!" 

I came to this conclusion when I was recently watching an episode of Real Time with Bill Maher. This is not a show I watch regularly but I happened to catch the episode on YouTube. Maher had Piers Morgan on with a couple of other leftists there that I really don’t know or care about. I’m watching Maher doing his usual thing where he basically calls Trump crazy, insane, a liar, and yadda yadda yadda. The crowd loves it, the other leftists are agreeing, and then I hear Piers speak.

He said “you have to save the outrage for genuinely outrageous things, otherwise you get fed up with the outrage.” He continued later and said the Democrats are “currently behaving in the exact histrionic way that they warned us Trump and his supporters would act when they lose.” 

I could not agree more! Maher and the others couldn’t contain themselves with their disagreement of Piers and one of them even said that there needs to be MORE riots! The Left has lost its mind.

The most ironic thing about all of this is Pier Morgan is a leftist himself who admitted on the show that he’s not a Republican and would never vote for Trump. He is actually just trying to add some common sense to his side. In my opinion his points are spot on. If the left continues to protest, riot, and call for impeachment every time Trump breathes they will have lost all credibility and will have no standing if Trump ever does anything really bad.

Some might think the outrage is just on the fringes of the left, but it really doesn’t appear that way. All you have to do is watch this episode of Real Time to see that. I have also seen mainstream columnists from The Hill and Huffington Post, not to mention some Democrat congressmen, already calling for Trump’s impeachment. They’re losing their credibility.

So if I were the left, I would take Piers Morgan’s comments to heart. I have a feeling though that is not going to happen.


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