Kelly Stunned That Congresswoman Listened To Trump Call With Grieving Widow


 White House Chief of Staff John Kelly says he was absolutely stunned that a member of Congress listened-in on this week's conversation between President Trump and the grieving widow of a fallen soldier.  The congresswoman was Florida Democrat Frederica Wilson.  She heard the call on a car speakerphone and accused President Trump of being disrespectful to the fallen soldier's family. Kelly said Trump tried to express that service members understand the risks of serving when they serve.  

Meantime, Kelly said all presidents send letters and some telephone the families of fallen soldiers. Retired General Kelly, who lost a son in Afghanistan, said it was okay when he did not receive a phone call from former President Obama.  He said the most important calls he received were from his son's military buddies.  

Kelly also said the investigation into the recent tragedy in Niger is being conducted at the highest levels of the U.S. military.  Four U.S. soldiers were killed in an attack by terrorists affiliated with ISIS.  In a briefing today, Kelly said a full investigation does not necessarily mean that something was done wrong.  The retired general heaped praise on U.S. troops who are working in counterterrorism operations in various spots around the globe.


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